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Donald Trump Daughter Lvanka Statement Broked Her Silence 8 Apirl 2023

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Donald Trump Daughter Lvanka Statement

Trump Daughter Lvanka Statement

In the wake of the news, Trump’s daughter Ivanka broke her silence on the charges with a short message on her Instagram Story. “Donald Trump Daughter Lvanka Statement” In the message, she expressed her love for her father and her country, and thanked those who have shown support and concern. There have been reports of tension between Donald Trump and Ivanka, with some sources suggesting that they are no longer speaking. However, another source close to Ivanka has denied these claims and stated that she is focused on raising her children and building a life in Miami.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, has made history by becoming the first sitting or former president to face criminal charges. The charges stem from an alleged payment of hush money to adult film star Stormy Daniels over six years ago, while Donald Trump was a candidate for president in 2016. The grand jury in Manhattan has indicted Trump, and he is expected to appear in court on Tuesday for his arraignment. Sources suggest that Trump may face at least 30 charges related to the payment, which was reportedly recorded as “legal expenses” in the financial records of the Trump Organization.

The allegations of an affair with Stormy Daniels first emerged in 2018, with Donald Trump and his lawyer initially denying the claims. However, Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen later admitted to making a payment to the porn star. The case has been ongoing for several years, and the indictment marks a significant development in the legal proceedings.

While Donald Trump is set to appear in court on Tuesday, it is unclear whether the charges will be made public at that time. The District Attorney can ask the court to unseal the charges, or wait until the first hearing in the case. The fact that cameras are not permitted in most New York courtrooms means that Trump’s first court appearance will not be broadcast nationwide.

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