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Potential satellite collision: Two defunct satellites at risk of impact over US airspace today

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Potential satellite collision

Potential satellite collision: Astronomers are monitoring the close approach of two old satellites that could potentially collide and create thousands of small pieces of space debris.

The Potential satellite collision would pose a significant risk to other satellites in space. LeoLabs, a space debris tracking company, tweeted that the satellites will come within 13 to 87 meters of each other at 6:39 p.m. EST.

Although the chance of collision is 1 in 1,000, this is still a high risk in the space industry.

Satellite List

The satellites, NASA’s IRAS space telescope and the US Naval Research Lab spy satellite GGSE-4, are both inactive and were launched in 1983 and 1967, respectively.

They will pass each other on Wednesday evening at a height of 559 miles above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at nearly 33,000 miles per hour.

Potential satellite collision

As both satellites are dead, astronomers have no way of communicating with them to initiate maneuvers. If the satellites collide, it will create a hypersonic shock wave, reducing them to debris that will pose a risk to other satellites in space.

This could result in additional Potential satellite collision and make it difficult to launch new satellites and run space operations. The space industry needs to develop sustainable practices to prevent the rapid commercialization and expansion of the international community into space from creating further risks to space operations.

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Potential satellite collision 

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